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Min Max KL was founded way back in 2002, whereby its opening saw long queues and bookings for various occasions such as weddings or birthday parties. Since the beginning Min Max has been dedicated in serving scrumptious cuisine in the form of handmade Dim Sum, one of our prized specialties. The accolades of our exquisite food at an acceptable price range soon followed.

Do not be shocked upon entering this cool and traditional restaurant. You will be welcomed into a large and gleaming hallway that is brightly lit with sublime chandeliers. With plenty of wide round tables surrounded with adorning and old-school artifacts carefully placed on the walls, you will surely relish in the ambience that is created while tasting uncomplicated yet aroma evoking dishes.

Its unbridled success was mainly due to its popularity among office workers around the vicinity. Most of the customers have high demands, yet still enamoured by the quality of cuisine that’s replicating authentic Hong Kong dishes while integrating classic Malaysian recipes into the mix, bringing a sense of satisfaction and excitement to the taste buds of the discerning food devotees.

Min Max also takes pride in its diversity, whereby people of all races are welcomed and are greeted with warmth and dedication. The restaurant is proud of its pork free status, resulting in a landslide acceptance by most Malaysians and tourists alike. The food is guaranteed to be of top quality and flavour, promising that only fresh and premium ingredients are chosen to be prepared.

The taste of each type cuisine in the menu is carefully and thoughtfully prepared, just as an artisan would yearn for. There are no cutting corners in the preparation of any meal, each dish is prepared in a made-to-order kind of way, and there is no pre-steaming or reheating of food, in order to maximize the flavours of the ingredients to entice the customers with consistent and transcendent texture and taste. Min Max can only be described perfectly as you experience, so come on down, and let the food do the talking.